Reliability is of great value to HOLTMANN Messe+Event. As one of the world's leading suppliers of three-dimensional brand presentations, we are particularly interested in constantly improving our quality management. This ensures that our customers get their usual HOLTMANN quality wherever we fulfil a project for them. One guarantee for this is our operational processes in line with ISO 9001ff., and the rules in the sector-specific “FAMAB e.V. Quality Code”, which we have signed.



Sustainability as a principle of action is a matter of course for Holtmann Messe+Event. That is why we regularly and successfully complete the intensive certification process for sustainable companies under the supervision of an independent auditor. This certification in 11 categories takes place every two years. 2017 has seen Holtmann recognised as a sustainable company for the third year in a row, once again receiving the prestigious certificate. The seal verifies that companies from the fair construction and event industry act in a sustainable manner vis-à-vis the environment, customers, business partners, suppliers and employees.

It is comparable with the corresponding ISO and EMAS certification scopes 1 and 2.


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Holtmann Messe+Event, after an intensive certification process, has once again been recognised as a sustainable company. The seal verifies that companies from the fair construction and event industry act in a sustainable manner vis-à-vis the environment, customers, business partners, suppliers and employees.

The central aim of the FAMAB Foundation is to accept responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions caused by activities in our sector. Holtmann is an initiator and a founding member. Claus Holtmann is the president of the foundation.

The funds raised so far have gone towards purchasing a piece of land in the Panama rainforest in the Mamoní Valley, which is now being reforested. This is where the FAMAB forest is growing. Donations made go directly to this project. Through its reforestation activities in particular, the foundation makes a significant contribution to ecological sustainability.


Via the FAMAB Foundation, Holtmann Messe+Event offers its customers an environmentally-friendly implementation of their fair stand, which is confirmed by the issuance of a FAMAB Foundation certificate.



Wouldn’t you like to experience your trade show presence in advance and not just when the doors to the fair open? To be able to judge how the design and your product and brand staging come across?

With the HOLTMANN Holodeck, you can dive right into the room designed either by us or your designers as if it really existed. Thanks to virtual reality. You can also use the HOLTMANN Holodeck to optimise the design of your planned trade show presence in real time. This way you can test the effects of the surfaces, the furniture and colour scheme you envisage having - virtually - thus giving your trade show presence the benefit of hindsight even before the fair has taken place!


Would you like to intensify the brand experience for your visitors during your trade show presence?


The HOLTMANN Holodeck with its mixed media applications, designed and implemented for you by our experts, will help you to do just that!


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Holtmann Holodeck: your benefits

Planning Phase


  • Every (!) desired environment can be represented: The fair stand that you have planned, the environment in the fair hall, the staging in an environment specifically defined by you, your company museum that has yet to be finalised, a new shop system - there are hardly any limits.
  • You can dive right into the planned design virtually and have a real look around, check how objects / products / furniture / walls all come across and make alterations depending on the magnitude of your envisaged presence.
  • The room experience comes very close to mimicking reality; real physical movement makes you feel like you are experiencing your actual trade show presence, your shop system, your company museum, etc.


Trade Show Presence


  • Through virtual reality, we give visitors a better chance to experience and understand product details and functions - enabling them to inspect the inner workings of a product or to have a good look at rooms or products not actually present at the trade show.
  • The provision of ‘x-ray vision’ to be able to better view and understand functions and processes within a product.
  • Through augmented reality, various information levels can be displayed to explain the effects and functions of a product elegantly and practically; an additional level is possible.
  • The intuitive operability is another advantage of the HOLTMANN Holodeck, making the experience of your brand and your product even more intensive.



Carrying out tasks in close cooperation with the production team means we increasingly need to link different fields of knowledge. As international production experts, constant, intense collaboration with our service partners is thus especially important to us as a way of finding the solutions that win over our customers – both sustainably and with strategic effect.



Networking also means working together as partners with established service providers and specialists, as well as exploring possible new ways to find even more appealing solutions for our customers. Seen in this way, HOLTMANN Messe+Event are constantly involved in networking. To us, however, the topic of networking also means dedicated work in associations and network structures relevant to our sector, as well as promoting start-ups.

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Member of the FAMAB e.V. association for direct business communication. From 1996 to 2009, Claus Holtmann was a member of the FAMAB management board, and from 2000 to 2009 he was chair of the board.

HOLTMANN has been a member of the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services.

The central aim of the FAMAB Foundation is to take on responsibility for reducing CO2 emissions caused by the activities of our sector. A key contribution can be made in this respect by planting forests. Holtmann is the initiator and founding member, and Claus Holtmann is the foundation's president.

The main goals of the Senate of Economy are to increase fairness and partnership in business and to improve companies' and managers' social impact. The Senate is a member of the Senate of Economy International (Vienna), whose honorary president is the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Mohammad Yunus.

The Working Group for Economic Partnership is a network of companies and people whose joint aim is to promote the concept of running a company as a partnership with staff participation. HOLTMANN has been a member since 2008 and supports the network's activities by working on boards and giving presentations at events.

Langenhagen Business Club is the regional corporate network for stimulating the economy in the town and region of Langenhagen. Holtmann is a founding member of this network, established in 1996. Claus Holtmann was chair of the board for more than 10 years.

The Wir helfen! trust is a civic trust focusing on promoting work with children and young people in the town and region of Langenhagen. Holtmann is a founding member, and Claus Holtmann the trust's president.

With some 400 companies and 50,000 jobs, the Pro Hannover Region development association is the biggest business network in the Hanover region. Holtmann support the association's aims as a member and through their activities on various boards.