Succession at Holtmann

As of 2019, Jörg Zeissig will join the Senior Management of Holtmann Messe + Event

Over the next few years, Managing Partner Claus Holtmann will gradually transfer responsibilities for the Holtmann Group to his designated successor. With Jörg Zeissig, as of January 2019 an event specialist with international experience and substantial digitalization expertise will come on board. For the joint subsidiary of Claus Holtmann and NürnbergMesse, this will mark the beginning of the next phase in its nearly seventy-year history.

“Our goal is to successfully lead Holtmann into the future – and that includes strategic planning for succession management,” explains Claus Holtmann, 62. “With Jörg Zeissig we have found a leader whose background, sales orientation and charisma make him the perfect choice for the future management of the Holtmann Group.”

Peter Ottmann, CEO of the NürnbergMesse Group, led the search for a suitable successor, together with Claus Holtmann. “Jörg Zeissig fulfills all of our criteria, and especially impressed us with his international event know-how and his experience in the area of digitalization,” says Ottmann. Zeissig has already been introduced to the staff at the Hannover and Nuremberg offices, and will officially commence his duties on January 1, 2019.

Event specialist as successor

For Jörg Zeissig, 45, the new position will mean a return to the trade show sector. After completing his studies, he took on a leadership position at Leipziger Messe, where he was responsible for internationalizing the event business, as well as sales and management aspects. Zeissig subsequently served as Executive Vice President for Sales at two major event construction companies in the greater Frankfurt area. In the past several years, as CEO he has very successfully led two companies focused on the technical implementation of events and television productions.

“I always had a very positive impression of Claus Holtmann and the company. Now that I have had the chance to get to know the Senior Management in the course of strategy workshops, and later all of the employees, the new position is all the more appealing,” reports Zeissig. “I look forward to leading Holtmann into the future.”

Holtmann enters the next phase

Looking back on nearly seven decades, Holtmann Messe + Event is one of the oldest event providers in the business. Walter and Wilhelm Holtmann founded the company just after the Second World War and took part in the 1947 Hannover Trade Fair. The early 1990s saw the transition to the next generation. Jürgen and Claus Holtmann further pursued the company’s internationalization and specialization. With the EXPO2000 in Hannover, Holtmann significantly expanded its portfolio.In 2010 NürnbergMesse GmbH became a 50-percent shareholder in place of Jürgen Holtmann, opening new chances to continue the existing success course of Jürgen and Claus Holtmann, especially by opening synergies with regard to international development.

In the past few years the Holtmann Group has reported revenues of between 30 and 35 million Euros and is currently home to 135 employees. With its three brands – Holtmann Messe+Event, EXPOMONDO and :mesomondo – the Group now offers a broad portfolio of temporary communication structures: not only trade show booths, but also shops, brand stores, road-shows, pop-up stores, temporary projects and pavilions for the Olympic games, sporting events and international exhibitions, as well as museum installations.


November 2018

independent consulting

Holtmann Messe + Event is ramping up its consulting services surrounding trade show booths

Holtmann Messe + Event is ramping up its consulting services surrounding trade show booths and other temporary communication structures. Architecture firms, design agencies or exhibiting companies can now access a wide range of services, even without a concrete assignment. Among other areas, Holtmann provides support for budgetary planning, compliance to technical guidelines and the selection of appropriate construction materials. In the new customer center, clients can get hands-on with their trade booth during the project, receiving an authentic impression prior to the show.


Economic trends such as shrinking budgets, shorter deadlines and increasing globalization do not leave the booth construction industry unscathed. Companies frequently deal with entirely new demands, especially regarding international shows and events. That’s why exhibitors and their design agencies increasingly rely on outside expertise.

“Companies often face novel challenges when entering new locations for shows and events – they are unfamiliar with locally established characteristics, rules and regulations”, says Frank Rakebrand, Authorized Representative at Holtmann and responsible for the newly created position of booth construction consulting. “We are often tasked with finding a way to realize a fixed design within the limits of a certain budget. But customers also rely on our expertise for technical guidelines, construction and materials, practicability, sustainability and reusability.”


Making smarter investments


As a specialist for booth construction, Holtmann is increasingly involved in consulting during the project planning phase in addition to their role as service provider and coordinator. Their expert knowledge can create strong added value: For example, slightly higher investments in shop interior can pay off in the form of customer-friendly, reusable counters. The resulting solution is more functional and also cheaper in the long run.


Customer center enables fine-tuning


Customers often ask for these consulting services during ongoing projects. Increasingly though, architecture firms and design agencies contact Holtmann in advance to ensure the practicability and budget calculation of their drafts.


When Holtmann is assigned with a concrete project, customers can get an early impression of the construction at the new customer center “Messehalle” (German for exhibition hall). The customers can visit and even enter their booth at the customer center, just as they do during the actual setup. Customers appreciate this advantage, especially in the run up to major events such as CeBIT or Hannover Messe. “Despite 3D graphics programs it remains difficult to get a detailed impression of a shop structure or trade show booth. Our ‘Messehalle’ customer center makes this possible”, says Rakebrand. There, customers can walk through their booth and check its look and feel. The area encompasses 220 m² (about 2370 sq ft) and is used to test designs and build sample structures. “By trying out the construction beforehand, customers can fine-tune their booth and optimally prepare for their show appearance.”


For non-binding information on the new Holtmann consulting services and the new customer center, please contact:

Frank Rakebrand


Phone +49 511 74074-45


May 2016


Golden Apple

Highest FAMAB Award for Holtmann in the category of Architecture

Holtmann Messe+Event are an ever-present face at the FAMAB Awards. The Hannover-Langenhagen exhibition stand specialists have now recieved one of the most sought-after accolades awarded by the FAMAB association for direct business communication for the fith time in a row. At the awards ceremony in Ludwigsburg, the jury presented the company an award for the trade show project for the Alape brand, which Holtmann fulfilled. The stand at ISH 2015 in Frankfurt won the golden award in the "Best Stand Design" Category (part of the Architecture category).


High quality and a strong character: at the ISH 2015, Holtmann Messe+Event turned these two central assets of the Alape brand into a trade fair presentation which worked in every way. More than anything else, the stand, on an area of 285 square metres, caught the eye for the absolute purism of its design - a trait which also applied to the Alape products on show. The traditional Dornbracht Group brand produces washstands and sinks made of enamelled steel, which stand out for their precision and finely worked appearance. "As a manufacturer of individual washstand solutions, it is important to us that they equally meet the basic human needs for cleanliness and an attractive style", explains Daniel Dorgau, head of Marketing at Alape. We wanted our stand at the key ISH trade fair to pick up on the central properties of our brand and communicate it in three dimensions. The fact that Holtmann more than met this objective can be seen from the gold award in the "Best Stand Design" category. "Translating the message behind a brand into three-dimensional space is the central challange of exhibition stand construction. That makes us all the happier than we have been able to demonstrate our considerable expertise in these field once again", manager Frank Peschutter commented.

To match the Alape washstands, the award-winning exhibition stand, designed by the Heine/Lenz/Zizka design agency, was also mainly in white. Product islands appeared to float over the ground, borne only by thin steel tubes, allowing the viewer's gaze to hone in on the goods, which fitted seamlessly into the clear-cut, purist design of their einvironment. Describing the stand structure, Holtmann's project manager Andre Hansen explained: "The entirely white sculpture made of Alape products on the central axis was a spectacular eye-catcher as the optical centre of the stand. It embodied Alape's aim to unify the form, function and materail."


Once a year, FAMAB e.V., the association for direct business communication, presents the FAMAB Awards (known as the ADAM and EVA Awards until 2013) in the main categories of architecture, events, cross-media marketing and specials. These are considered the leading accolade in the field fo live communication. The process involves a jury evaluating various criteria in the sectors of creation, fulfilment, integration and networking. 


November 2015





November 2015