Expertise going back more than 67 years and a good helping of creativity are our strengths when it comes to creating high-quality temporary architecture. As experienced designers, organisers and fulfilment experts, we manage the entire project along with a comprehensive network of external service partners, reliably breathing life into the designs developed by our own team, by agencies and scenographers – all around the world.

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Holtmann Messe + Event is ramping up its consulting services surrounding trade show booths

Holtmann Messe + Event is ramping up its consulting services surrounding trade show booths and other temporary communication structures. Architecture firms, design agencies or exhibiting companies can now access a wide range of services, even without a concrete assignment. Among other areas, Holtmann provides support for budgetary planning, compliance to technical guidelines and the selection of appropriate construction materials. In the new customer center, clients can get hands-on with their trade booth during the project, receiving an authentic impression prior to the show.


Economic trends such as shrinking budgets, shorter deadlines and increasing globalization do not leave the booth construction industry unscathed. Companies frequently deal with entirely new demands, especially regarding international shows and events. That’s why exhibitors and their design agencies increasingly rely on outside expertise.

“Companies often face novel challenges when entering new locations for shows and events – they are unfamiliar with locally established characteristics, rules and regulations”, says Frank Rakebrand, Authorized Representative at Holtmann and responsible for the newly created position of booth construction consulting. “We are often tasked with finding a way to realize a fixed design within the limits of a certain budget. But customers also rely on our expertise for technical guidelines, construction and materials, practicability, sustainability and reusability.”


Making smarter investments


As a specialist for booth construction, Holtmann is increasingly involved in consulting during the project planning phase in addition to their role as service provider and coordinator. Their expert knowledge can create strong added value: For example, slightly higher investments in shop interior can pay off in the form of customer-friendly, reusable counters. The resulting solution is more functional and also cheaper in the long run.


Customer center enables fine-tuning


Customers often ask for these consulting services during ongoing projects. Increasingly though, architecture firms and design agencies contact Holtmann in advance to ensure the practicability and budget calculation of their drafts.


When Holtmann is assigned with a concrete project, customers can get an early impression of the construction at the new customer center “Messehalle” (German for exhibition hall). The customers can visit and even enter their booth at the customer center, just as they do during the actual setup. Customers appreciate this advantage, especially in the run up to major events such as CeBIT or Hannover Messe. “Despite 3D graphics programs it remains difficult to get a detailed impression of a shop structure or trade show booth. Our ‘Messehalle’ customer center makes this possible”, says Rakebrand. There, customers can walk through their booth and check its look and feel. The area encompasses 220 m² (about 2370 sq ft) and is used to test designs and build sample structures. “By trying out the construction beforehand, customers can fine-tune their booth and optimally prepare for their show appearance.”


For non-binding information on the new Holtmann consulting services and the new customer center, please contact:

Frank Rakebrand


Phone +49 511 74074-45



May 2016