We under­stand
– and we do

The quality of our work and understanding our customers are always central to us: understanding is required to put spatial communication concepts into practice.

We listen carefully to YOU so as to understand. We UNDERSTAND so as to perfectly implement your ideas. That's our strength. And that's why our brand promise since 2008 has been: WE UNDERSTAND – AND WE DO

HOLTMANN Messe+Event deliver on that self-imposed promise day by day, all over the world. Wherever our clients go, HOLTMANN is there as a reliable partner with a globally functioning network of service partners.


HOLTMANN Messe+Event have offices with capable staff for you to contact at all the important exhibition sites.

To complement the HOLTMANN Messe+Event network, our partner the NürnbergMesse group provides our clients with more than 50 other experts around the world. These include six branches in the most important global economic areas.


How we work

We see ourselves as an equal partner on the value-added chain. With 130 full-time employees, we work towards our customers' success in interdisciplinary teams. Absolute reliability and the best possible quality are a matter of course to us. If we try to describe the values which have led our customers to work with us for many years, even decades, and which motivate us day by day, just three words suffice: satisfaction, trust and openness. These cornerstones of our corporate culture are the basis for what we call partnership in action. Yet partnership is not a situation, but a process, and needs to be worked on constantly, which is why we call it “partnering”. In the past, our company developed from a workshop to a service provider, and we have now become established as consultants and organisers. We draw strength from the same values which form the foundations of our company to stride forward into innovation and breathe life into these words and values.

Mutual Trust

Mutual trust among the parties to an agreement calls for reliability, adherence to deadlines, a commitment to quality, the will to succeed, application, loyalty and fairness. Trust in our staff, and trust among our staff that they have a “blame-free space”, where mistakes are not punished but used as a learning experience, helps us constantly improve.

Trust is the basis for enjoyable cooperation. Trust cannot replace supervision, but it can render it largely redundant!


The openness with which we deal with clients, suppliers, freelancers and other partners has generated a common spirit of fairness which helps everyone find their place in the social group and assert that position.
The risk of people taking advantage of our openness ist lower than the risk of being caught keeping secrets.




We can only create a relationship based on partnership if everyone involved is satisfied, trusting and open.
Our work needs to make both partners want to work together again in future, so there needs to be a win-win situation. That is one of the reasons why our clients work with us for years – even decades – on end, and why our staff go beyond the call of duty for projects and clients, and enjoy their work.

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HOLTMANN Messe+Event are one of the inventors of modern exhibition stand construction in Germany. In 1950 the brothers Wilhelm and Walter Holtmann sowed the seeds for the modern company when they established a carpenter's shop. Their proximity to the trade fair in Hanover and the workshop's reliable craftsmanship formed the basis for the first exhibition orders by well-known exhibitors.

By the 1960s, exhibition construction was already becoming an important basis for the company. By then, HOLTMANN Messe+Event was building stands for trade shows in Frankfurt, Berlin, Milan, Poznan, Paris, Moscow, London and Budapest. Over a period of three months, Holtmann built 18,000 m² of roofing and 18,000 m² of flooring and ceiling elements for what was then the largest exhibition hall in the world: Hall 1 in Hanover.

In 1971 the Olympic Committee commissioned HOLTMANN as the main contractor for the construction of the entire Olympic sailing competition in Kiel. The whole Olympic Village, with more than 3,600 m² of halls, was built over five months, ready to use with all heating, ventilation and lighting installed. Further complex jobs followed, as well as increasing numbers of national and international trade fair shows for well-known companies.

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At the start of the 1990s, the second generation gradually took over the management of the Langenhagen company, in the form of the industrial engineer Claus Holtmann and the business manager Jürgen Holtmann. That decade saw a series of other major construction projects. Over a construction period of just three months, Holtmann played a major role in completing the information stand at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Europe's biggest building site. Another highlight of that decade was the Deutsche Telekom trade fair stands, which were becoming increasingly sophisticated.


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In the year 2000, the World's Fair took place in Hanover, marking the start of new challenges for the HOLTMANN company which exceeded everything prior to that in terms of size and complexity. HOLTMANN was in overall charge of two of the largest individual projects assigned by the Expo. These were firstly the production of the entire themed park at the heart of the Expo, whose 11 displays filled 5 entire exhibition halls, and secondly the fulfilment of all the multiservice complexes, with a floor space of 40,000 m².

Since the Expo 2000, a whole new field of business has thus been added to the range of services offered by HOLTMANN Messe+Event, examples of this new skill being pavilions at subsequent world fairs such as the Expo 2002 in Switzerland, the Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan, and that in Shanghai in 2010, as well as the construction of showrooms and museum buildings.