Work­ing for Holt­mann

Working for HOLTMANN Messe+Event is many things, but “routine” is not one. Exciting projects, constantly changing team line-ups, national, regional and international clients, multiple languages and a great atmosphere are one part of our work; complex, pressing, sometimes even nerve-racking challenges are another. That's the combination that makes our team so successful. Everyone contributes to the success of the company and the project: the project manager, warehouse workers, salespeople, accountants, HR staff, draughtsmen and receptionists. In Langenhagen and Nuremberg there are more than 130 employees, plus those at our sites all over the world and our partner, the NürnbergMesse group.




In the interests of our clients' success we work in interdisciplinary teams. Absolute reliability and the best possible quality are a matter of course for us, without forgetting to make work enjoyable. If we try to describe the values which have led our customers to work with us for many years, even decades, and which motivate us day by day, just three words suffice: satisfaction, trust and openness. These cornerstones of our corporate culture are the basis for what we call partnership in action. Yet partnership is not a situation, but a process, and needs to be worked on constantly, which is why we call it “partnering”.

Mutual Trust

Trust in our staff, and trust among our staff that they have a “blame-free space” where mistakes are not punished but used as a learning experience which helps us constantly improve. Trust is the basis for enjoyable cooperation. Trust cannot replace supervision, but it can render it largely redundant!


The mutual openness which we have established in our everyday operations leads to a communal sense of fairness which allows everyone to take their place in the social group and assert their position. From our point of view, the risk of people taking advantage of our openness ist lower than the risk of being caught keeping secrets.


We can only create a relationship based on partnership if everyone involved is satisfied, trusting and open. Our aim is to always work towards win-win situations. That is one of the reasons why our clients work with us for years – even decades – on end, and why our staff go beyond the call of duty for projects and clients, and enjoy their work.

My Holt­mann Moment

Cris Vornkahl

... was my first very own project as a student. My Moment

Mandy Brinker

... It's one big family here. My Moment

My Moment: Cris Vornkahl

My particular Holtmann moment was my first very own project as a student. Being entrusted with managing a small exhibition stand, from the design to the customer handover, when I was still in my second semester was an expression of training in action – encouraging and challenging.

My Moment: Mandy Brinker

When I started out as a project assistant at Holtmann a good five years ago and did not yet really know anyone, a colleague told me, “It's one big family here; you soon fit in!” Looking back, I can now say he was right!


Training at HOLT­MANN

At HOLTMANN, being a trainee means being given responsibility from the very first moment, of course in close consultation with experienced co-workers. After all, you have to challenge people to get the most out of them. But don't worry: we always have a safety net in place, and never leave anyone out in the proverbial rain! And variety is guaranteed. Whether you do an apprenticeship or sandwich degree.